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Digital publishing company for online education

Launching contemporary
educational projects


Why and how do we work

Coach with an idea

When a coach comes up with an idea of a course, he or she not only imagines crowds of satisfied students but also instantly depictures an overflow of endless routine work prefacing the success.

In our experience, a coach often does not find students simply because he or she has never dealt with the promotion and sales of educational services and products.

Many ideas remain ideas just because a coach loses heart after realizing, that he or she won't be able to release the product properly.


We create content and digital publishing
for our projects since 2008.

5.500 students and 120 launched projects.

Production process:

  • Subjects and niches analysis
  • Free content creation
  • Free events organization
  • Fundraising
  • Launching script selection
  • Technical support for all stages
  • Accepting payments, taxes, installments
  • Planning and support of launches
  • Customer care and support service

Proven product release to educational market cycle takes 6 to 9 months.

The coach and the product will reach their loyal audience of satisfied students.

All our projects get technical support, customer service, and care of trained curators, who facilitate the coaches' work and let him or her keep the focus on bringing ideas to life.

Full-range publishing company created by coaches and entrepreneurs for coaches.

Apply for cooperation

Long-term cooperation and full transparency for partners.
We fund all the stages of producing a new project on our own or jointly with the Stratoplan Investment Fund.
Bureaucracy and formalism hinder development. We are a small specialized private publishing company established to publish the projects of our founders.

Currently, we build a portfolio of projects to work with the next 5–7 years.

Contact us

We always welcome new contacts and acquaintances.
You will get an answer from either Aleksandr Orlov or Slava Pankratov.

Questions that could help us to find common ground:

  • Where do you get the course/product materials, if you are not an expert?
  • What is your experience in the proposed subject area, if you are an expert?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What problem of the target audience is solved?
  • How does your target audience solve the problem now, and if it does not, why should it?